Hallelujah for Dory…

It’s Sunday morning and we have Finding Dory on for the 117th time. Every time the kids watch it, it’s like the first time they’ve seen it.

I thought I would use this 85 min ‘break’ in my morning to introduce myself, share what it is I do and how it might help you or someone you know.

My name is April and I am proud Mum to two young boys. We live in Tadworth, Surrey. I have a usual story of changing direction after having children due to ridiculous childcare costs. And of course, that little old thing of wanting to spend time with them!

My background is in Media however, through pregnancy I found out about doulas. Feeling excited that maybe, potential, one day in the future I could do the same, I took my Doula UK accredited preparation course. You then go onto a series of births or postnatal work to gain on-the-job experience.

I felt drawn to the bit when baby comes home and mums (and dads) could do with some help.

Offering postnatal support is really varied depending on mum’s needs and what’s best for baby and the family, however that might look. Postnatal work covers all things emotional – anxieties, niggles, signposting to info – and practical; things like looking after baby so you can sleep or shower.  Making up a batch load of food. Helping with feeding, bottle or breast.  Chatting about infant nutrition. (More on the support can be found here). Support is flexible and chatted about at our initial meet-up…usually meeting at your house or a local cafe.

Generally speaking I offer support in the daytime, say between 10am – 2pm however this can be flexible and I have started to offer night-time support (limited evenings).  Areas covered are Tadworth, Kingswood, Walton on the Hill, Banstead & Reigate. I’ve also been working in SW London.

If this type of help is something you or someone you know might like feel free to get in touch and we can have that chat.


Call: 07793 811 555

Email: april@motheringkind.com


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